Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here's the Scoop!

Well, once again it's be quite some time since I've blogged! We are in the final count down until summer vacation, here in New York! YAY! In order to keep the eye on the prize and see that the end is near (for both the teachers and the kids!) I created a cute count down bulletin board.

I started at 30 days left of school, but we are finally down to only 10 DAYS!!! I made triangles out of brown construction paper for the cones and then cut out circles on brown, white, & pink construction paper (and numbered them of course!). I then cut the letters out to say, "Here's the Scoop!"  I take down an ice cream scoop every day when school is finished! I honestly think the teachers like it more than the students! :D

Since my Fourth grade students are finished with their Journeys lessons for the year I decided to do some writing with them. We have been working on doing some persuasive writing on how to get your teacher to let you have a day with no work! They have come up with some great arguments, but they needed help organizing their thoughts. I decided to do "Oreo Writing." Oreo writing is when you write your "hook" first then your Opinion, your Reason, your Example, and the. Finally restate your Opinion. It is helpful for my students to back up their argument and reason.
We're still working on the writings but we decided to have an Oreo party! They all got to bring a friend into my room and eat lunch with me, then we had Oreos, ice cream, and milk! It was tons of fun to be able to have a few fun, relaxing moments with these kiddos. <3 

The next couple of weeks will be fun! The Building Level Team (BLT) that I'm on has planned a 
theme week, which is "ZOOming into Summer." We have a zoo mobile come from a local zoo, The Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton, New York. We are having an animal print day, a day to bring your 
favorite zoo stuffed animal in, and an activity day where you rotate int he classrooms in your grade level-1. room has crafts, the next has board games, and then a zoo movie in the last one. It should be a lot of fun...some chaos, but fun!  And of course we have a field days with all sorts of games and water activities. It sure does help the end of the year go by quickly! 

Oh and my middle schoolers are done on the 16th, so I think I can say that I successfully survived 8th grade!!! Woot! Woot! 

Stay Classy,

<3 The Classy Teacher

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