Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday:::March 28th

I'm really enjoying these 5 for Friadys with Doodle Bugs Teaching. You can link up with her here.

So here are 5 random things from this week! :)

 We were working on compound words in 3rd grade. Here we were matching up the two separate words that make a word on it's own. I'll be honest I got this for free off of TpT last year, but don't have the information on who made it. I'll try to get it and give that person credit! I love this activity, especially since I love everything to do with CUPCAKES!

 I really messed my shin up on Monday at kettlebells. Yup I'm proud of it-it makes me feel tough! Basically we were doing burpees and because I think I'm awesome (insert sarcasm) I was doing box jumps at the end of each burpee and.....well around 30 or 35 I just lot it. Yup I fell. Yup I kept going! I feel like this picture doesn't capture the full warrior wound. It was pretty swollen and such, but hey what are ya gonna do? Wait-this is a teaching blog...not a fitness blog!
 CSE meetings! They all went pretty smoothly! The first one of the day did run a little long, because we had a lock down in the middle of it and weren't allowed to leave the conference room! Talk about awkward! Our school has random drug dogs come into the middle and high school. This is basically just to make sure kids don't have anything they shouldn't and to keep them guessing as to when it will be! We really only have it once or twice a me...our school is pretty darn nice and we want to keep it that way!
 Colonial Day!-Okay I really can't take too much credit for this, but I did help the fourth grade students that I work with write their essays! :) The task was to find a job of a person who lived in colonial times and write a 2 paragraph essay telling about what they did, what they needed, and other facts they learned. Then they had to make a sign for their job and dress up in colonial clothing. Parents and younger students come in and see everyone's project. They set it up as if it's a museum ad all their props and reports are on display. It's pretty neat and I'm VERY proud of my kiddos and all the hard work they put into it! {Feeling Warm & Fuzzy}

Our town had a St. Patrick's Day parade this past weekend! Yeah, we do it the Saturday after St. Patrick's day. Not sure why-tradition I suppose!

Here are a few pictures from it:

Here is another Special Ed. teacher that I teach with! :) We were crayons for Halloween! Yes, I have a shamrock headband on! :) 

Remember when the bus garage turned a bus into Thomas.....well they turned one into Percy for this parade! How awesome is that?!?!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! I'm gearing up for ELA state test next week! Woohoo!

Stay Classy
 <3 The Classy Teacher


  1. Very cute blog! Thanks for visiting me today! I wish our bus drivers would decorate their buses. We have the grouchiest drivers in the world! Be sure to visit Tipton's Tales, too!

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  2. The Colonial Days had s different view that they had to choose a career to investigate. I liked that. The best part is that you have a team mate that enjoys doing things with you. I had that in different schools and it truly makes teaching much more pleasant. Hold on to those memories.