Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's been quite some time...

I know I have really been slacking with writing on my blog...I guess I haven't been feeling overly inspired lately. I'm going to blame the weather!?!

We have been prepping for the state tests here in NY. They are in 2 weeks! It's hard to believe that they are here already! My students are about as prepared as they are going to be! For a lot of them just sitting there for a long period of time is the biggest struggle. So basically a lot of the things I have been doing have not been overly FUN! I better start thinking of something special for the kiddos when those tests are all finished!

In the mean time here are a few things I created for one of my student's who has a very difficult time in the classroom. I have walked into her classroom to find her under her desk, crawled up in the fetal position in front of my room, having multiple break downs during the day, and down right refusal to work. I thought that maybe the classroom setting was just over stimulating, so I made these break cards. She can just hand her teacher the break cards and go do what she needs to do.

I also had her in my 3rd grade class last year and created a checklist so she would get SOMETHING done during the day, so I decided to make another one for her this year. The teacher just has to write what she has to do that day and then she gets a prize at the end of the day IF she completes it. Sometimes she gets a prize and other days she doesn't. Many times the things on the list are as simple as follow along in math without getting upset and getting packed up to go home within 12 minutes. I laminated it so it can be changed daily!

Also here is my March Bulletin Board! I didn't want to do St. Patrick's Day, because it only last until the 17th, so I did Dr Seuss! Who doesn't LOVE Dr. Seuss? I found fun facts about him, printed pictures of some of his books, and printed a bunch of Dr. Seuss quotes. It is a pretty simple bulletin board, but I actually really enjoy it! :) 

And I thought I would share a few pictures from my fun weekend with a few of my cousins! My sister, cousin Pat, and little cousin Nora (Pat's daughter!) went down to see my cousin Lindsay and her family who lives in Virginia! We ended up going to Washington D.C.! It was so much fun! It even snowed while we were there!!

Lindsay and I :)

Heather (my sister), Me, Lindsay, & Pat at the Lincoln Memorial
Heather, Me, Lindsay, Nora, & Pat at the White House

I've always wanted to do a picture like this! :)
I made "princess crowns" with Nora and Addy (Lindsay's daughter)....they added the butterflies! It was super fun! :)

Nora and Addy eating ice pops in front of the Washington Monument

Stay Classy
<3 The Classy Teacher


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    1. I completely agree, Frank! I push into classrooms most of the time, so I take the classroom teachers lead! when I do have pull out I can let the students relax a little while still getting what needs to get done get done since it's a very short amount of time!

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