Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Currently!

Wow....I'm late on my Halloween post AND my currently post this about a slackin' off!

Here is my November Currently from Oh' Boy 4th Grade's linky party...

Listening: I admit it...I'm watching Christmas movies already! I can't help it! I just LOVE Christmas and everything about it. Don't get me wrong...I love Thanksgiving too! I just couldn't resist the temptation of all the Christmas movies! :)

Loving: WOOHOO! Three day weekend! Who doesn't love 'em? In all seriousness a BIG thank you to all the veterans out there. Our country would not be the same without each and every one of you!

Thinking: I'm going shopping tomorrow and just can't stop thinking about the clothes I want to get! I didn't do a "school" shopping this year before school, because I was caught up in my sister's wedding festivities, so I am in need of some new attire!

Wanting: See thinking! Did I mention that I might have a slight shopping addiction? I literally can't help myself once I'm in the store. You get me in a purse store (Coach) then it's all over.  :)

Needing: I need to organize my clothes & closets. They just need some updating organizations.

I also need to organize my evidence binder for school. It has all of last years evidence in it. (In NY we have to prove what we have done and how we have met some of the teacher standards. It's basically just paperwork and book keeping!)

Yummy Pin: If I didn't mention it before I TRY to eat a Paleo friendly diet. (The Caveman Diet) I am not always successful, but I do my best. So, I have decided to share two recipes I have recently made and both were a success! (I am just starting to cook more, so this was a major step for me!)

The first one is an appetizer...I brought these to a Halloween party with some of my teacher friends! :) Everyone gobbled them up!

 These bacon wrapped dates are totally yummy! You can find the recipe here! I did not put the almond in them, because I thought it would be a surprise for people when they bit into it. I did put cream cheese even though it is not Paleo friendly. You can do it without it too! 

I dressed up at a unicorn for the party! :) This costume really just manifested itself. I am going to do this for school next year!

 Here we are at our little teacher get together! The host (who is taking the picture) had us go on scavenger hunt all around our about FUN! We laughed our butts off!

My next recipe is a fall recipe! Paleo Pumpkin Muffins! I was really craving something pumpkins, so I found this recipe...they were super delicious and perfect for a quick breakfast in the morning! They are also very moist! :) You can find the recipe here!

It snowed quite a bit here last weekend and even throughout the week. Here is a taste of winter for you! :)

Stay warm...Stay Classy!


  1. Cute costume...very creative! I guess we have a "shopping addiction" in common! I just went to IKEA & Coach - now a few less $ in the bank! I too put an outfit in my "Wanting" section.

    I like a white Christmas, but I'm in no hurry to bring on the snow in CO...although your winter picture is lovely. Nice pictures, it was fun "meeting" you in November's Currently.

  2. I love your costume! That is too cute! And I'm loving the 3 day weekend too. It's always nice to know it's a Sunday and we have Monday off :)


  3. Thanks for stopping by! Love the costumes!

    I am your newest follower on Bloglovin...


  4. The pumpkin muffins look yummy! Will definitely have to try them! I'm thinking they will be perfect for cold winter mornings. Although, I am glad to say we haven't had as much snow as you - I am just not ready yet!

  5. I popped over as soon as I saw your comment! Thanks for the follow:) I love the unicorn costume!! Following you now:)
    My Teacher Friend

  6. Love Christmas movies and the muffins look yummy:)

    The Resourceful Apple