Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's been awhile since I've blogged. I wanted to show everyone some pictures of my kiddos using SmartMoves. They aren't the best pictures, due to lighting, but the students really enjoy it and it helps them focus! It's a really helpful too! :)

 It's hard to see but here the students are following line of color!
In this picture you can see that students are following the movement of another student on the board. :)

The program plays soothing music during this activity, so it's also very relaxing!

Now on to some newer topic:
HALOWEEN!  I'm a little late, but I just want to share the FUN traditions we do at our school!

All the elementary students (in costume) gather in the gym and line up to prepare for a parade. We then march down to the middle school and high school and walk all through the halls. The middle school and high school teachers hand out candy and other snacks. The older students love this time too! They get to see all the little ones dressed up and have the same kind of excitement as they did when they were younger. The faculty & staff also hands out healthier snacks, such as apples and oranges. Once we have completed the route all the students march back up to the elementary school and go back to their classes. All the classes have a party, but at different times during the day. The students get to work on halloween math and ELA throughout the day. Each class also decorates a pumpkin based on a book they have read in the class. The pumpkins are displayed out in the hallway for everyone to see! It's just a fun day for all!

The treat I gave my students! SUPER easy! Just put mini marshmallows in a baggy and write "Ghost Poo!" I also gave them each a Halloween pencil.
One of my co-workers (and friend) and I decided to dress up as crayons! (I'm the one in the pink!) The students LOVED it! They were cracking jokes all day. They would ask me for a pink crayon or to help them color something!

Many times as educators we get caught up in things like testings, paper work, and all the other demands that are held on us,(not that those things aren't important) but I think it's days like Halloween that make us realize our students are KIDS. They need to have fun and get to be kids! Seeing the smiles on kids faces is one of the best parts of teaching!

What does your school do for Halloween?

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